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The Seattle Apartment Team has a reputation for providing efficient, professional services with an intensity of execution not available anywhere else. We have a solution-driven mindset that is obvious in our analysis, brokerage and marketing efforts. Our capital markets expertise leverages market intelligence, financial acumen and solid partnerships to structure the best deal possible for our clients. Simply put, we align our goals around yours.

We provide full-service solutions to multifamily owners, investors, and developers.


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Areas of Expertise.

Property Marketing

We have developed a go-to-market system that creates strong demand, a competitive environment and a continuous communication, allowing real-time feedback throughout the property marketing cycle. 

Research Services

We use research to help our clients understand emerging trends and take advantage of the cyclical nature of real estate. We help you harness this insight to make long-term decisions that benefit your business. That means connecting the dots between new construction starts, absorption and overall economic growth in a region.

Debt & Equity

We provide clients with a range of capital solutions to support their investment strategies. We offer a full array of  services to connect capital with opportunity including debt placement and equity capital raising. 

Valuation & Advisory

Never in the history of real estate has valuation taken a more pivotal role than in today’s business climate. A true and defensible assessment of property value can mean the difference between reaching a critical goal—securing a loan, closing a sale, choosing the best asset—or failing to achieve it altogether.


To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.
— Douglas Adams


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